HSPascal Personnal Programs

In the Delphi folder, there are 2 tools for HSPASCAL development.

Here is a small utility (Palm OS 3.5 or greater), in French:

You enter into a meeting room, a movie (or home a bit late) and you don't want to have your Organizer ringing or doing any noise.

With On-Off, you save the "Pref" sound levels and put them to no sound just in two taps.

At the end of your meeting, movie (or night), two new taps and your sound levels are back.

You can download the program (version 1.5, January 2nd, 2003) and the HSPASCAL sources here. So you are free to translate it into any language, keeping the references to the Author and the creation tools (POIVRE and HSPASCAL).

If you want to edit this program and adapt it, don't use "AGon" Application ID. It is registered.

Next update, with something more interesting, forseen on April 1st, 2003

If you want to be kept informed, send me an e-mail with HSPascal as subject.
If you want to be kept informed of any update, send it with global as subject.